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Winter Skin & the Luminous Look

I have to admit that even I get burned out on wine and writing about wine.  Since my sommelier exam I’ve been wanting to drink anything but wine.  Give me saké, pour me a Moscow Mule, cheers me with something on-the-rocks, anything but wine.  And in terms of writing and blogging, I want to write more about make-up and fashion and books.

The make-up look for the season (for me) is Hollywood Glamour:   luminous skin with a matte finish with red lipstick shades and black eyeliner.  I’m channeling Anne Hathaway and Rooney Mara.

       This look starts with great skin.  I love Laura Mercier products and frequent the make-up counter at Indulgence in Bozeman, Montana, for her latest releases.  I won’t use any other tinted moisturizer but Laura Mercier.  I don’t need too much coverage, but something else to consider:  in this weather it is way too dry to use powder to finish off the matte make-up.  Lucky for me (and you), Laura Mercier has a “pressed” tinted moisturizer Creme Compact. With SPF 20 and a creamy feel, it’s not going to dry out your skin, but gives a lovely luminous finish to set the face.  You could add a powder to set the look and make the face even more matte, but if your skin is dry the powder will just emphasize dry, peeling skin, especially in winter.  I skip it.

  The one thing about compacts that I don’t like are the sponges that come with them.   You can’t wash them, and the transfer of germs is inevitable.  What a difference a brush makes!  For $2.99 at the campus bookstore,

I grabbed a Simply Simmons Flat Wash 1″ brush.  I feel like I use less product, but get better coverage.  And I can wash this brush.  I don’t like traveling with brushes–again, they get too dirty, and take up too much space–so the sponge will have to work for those weekends away.    I’ve seen make-up brushes for $20-50.  Go to an art supply store or bookstore and spend a fraction of the cost.  Sure, you can also spend more money on art brushes, too, but the selection is more varied and the price range a little easier on the wallet.  The brush I bought is synthetic, and natural bristles will cost more.  For what I’m using it for, it’s perfect.




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