Olive Oil + Brown Rice Flour = the best exfoliant ever!

I’ve been keeping a small bowl of olive oil and brown rice flour on the counter.  Every morning, I rub a little on my face and my upper arms–I have those annoying red bumps and discoloration that I’ve been struggling with for years.  Then I wash my face and use a washcloth to dust off my arms, or I jump in the shower to rinse it all off.    This has really been working to eliminate those pesky bumps, and I’ve tried a lot of different products and advice.   I will also try coconut oil and avocado oil, but I had the olive oil handy, and it has been working wonders.  Try mixing citrus juices and honey to help brighten skin, and the citric acids will help exfoliate, too.  I just finished the Master Cleanse, and I would rub my face and arms with the lemon peels after I had juiced them.  Now in the transition phase, I’m juicing grapefruit and oranges, and put the leftover pulp right on my face.  After five minutes, I rinse it off and wash my face.  I’m traveling to Italy this spring.  I’m packing a small bag of brown rice flour, and when I arrive, I’m buying a small bottle of olive oil.  This will be my face routine.  I’m leaving all my typical toiletries at home and buying new Italian products.  Nothing beats a foreign pharmacy for trying a new shampoo, local soaps and decadent oils.   And  I love a quirky international toothbrush.

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