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Oil Cleansing for Sensitive Skin

I’ve been a huge fan and advocate of using oil to cleanse your skin on a daily basis.  Oil breaks down oil without stripping the skin of essential moisture. Often times for me it’s simply olive oil and brown rice flour to gently exfoliate.   I use it on my upper arms, letting the oil rest for a few minutes before I shower. On “spa night,” I exfoliate from head to toe with this, and then rinse.  It’s great for circulation, fighting cellulite and stimulating the lymphatic system.  Another  product that I’ve come to love is BIO-BIO BABY cleansing oil/Olio Detergente  Made in Italy from rice bran oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, vitamin E and extracts of calendula, it is designed for cleansing and massaging the delicate skin of the bébé.  On my sensitive skin it works great as an eye make-up remover on a cotton pad, or for cleansing day and night.  I use a lot of product lines intended for babies, and this is my favorite cleanser.  I use Weleda’s baby line to help reduce redness and to heal blemishes.  After waxing I love to apply their Diaper Care Cream for faster healing and to reduce inflammation.  Zinc is one its main ingredients, so it works double duty as sun protection.   This time of year when cold and flu cases are on the rise, I think absorbing zinc through the skin has to help to boost my immune system.  It works for me as a deodorant, too, if I am traveling or find myself in a pinch.  Weleda’s Calendula Baby Oil and Baby Face Cream are other products that I use on a regular basis.  Calendula is a plant from the marigold family known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.  It helps heal wounds and treat acne.

And I love this recipe for making your own cleanser with Rose Hip oil, among others:  http://www.bijabody.com/bijablog/10-blog/161-rosehip-seed-oil-the-most-proven-anti-aging-botanical-oil. While you are at this website, check out the great advice from founder/esthetician Melissa Picoli and her amazing product line!

I buy my BIO-BIO BABY at Indulgence on Main Street in Bozeman, Montana.  Order it there!

Weleda is widely available at health food stores.

There are tons of recipes out there for oil blends–customize your own!

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