My new favorite wine book: Moleskine
Wine Journal

For the poet in me, I am always carrying around a notebook for inspirations, images, to-do lists, books to read, albums to listen to, and to keep track of the wines I try.  Dear friends just gifted me with my first Moleskine Wine Journal.  Described as “your ideal wine cellar on paper,” it is complete with conversion charts, wine terminology translations and sections for sparkling, white, red, rosé, and fortified wines.  There’s even a section for spirits.  The other genius element of design:  three sheets of stickers to note “good year” or “everyday” wines.  (Stickers!? I love stickers!) Now imagine Ernest Hemingway the patron fan of Moleskine journals drinking his way through one of these Wine Journals.  The notes for Death in the Afternoon in pencil, various versions of the “Hemingway” cocktail being devised and revised on entire pages.  Or Pablo Picasso finding inspiration after his third glass of cava to finish Bottle and Wine Glass on Table.  This will be my new blogging tablet I take on-the-go.  Take that, iPad!  Wine is bottled poetry.

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