Music Monday!

On the air, again, at  Back for weeks of your listening pleasure.  Today’s show had me looking for The Cure.  Had several vinyl to spin around the studio, including a live recording of Disintegration with “love song” and “pictures of you”  that I got at this year’s Record Store Day.  I’m especially taken with their Happily Ever After album and the song “The Funeral Party.”  It’s like Twin Peaks meets a chilly British beach on a day in October.  Also, the new Cat Power is Hot.  Take a peek, take a listen.  (My radio show called PopRocks airs Monday mornings from 9-11am (Montana/Mountain time) at  I am your host:  Tune In Tokyo.  My playlists are archived at!  Request line is 406.243.6226)  Happy Monday!




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