I don’t know if I will ever run a marathon.  But we can all watch and cheer on those that do.  If you get a chance this summer, go to a finish line and see what inspirations happen.  I recently watched a dear friend Amy Rosendahl and her new friend, Sue, whom she met on the course, finish the Missoula Marathon.  I couldn’t help but get choked up.  Photo: I felt amazing before, during, and after the Missoula Marathon today! Thanks to my new friend Sue, we ran the whole way and had a great time doing it. 4th marathon down!

Runners in their 70s were crossing the finish line, couples, first-timers, and those with limps made it across.  They got up early that morning for the 6am race time, had dedicated time and their bodies to finish a thrilling race.  Some of them were trying to run races in all 50 states, others had run over 200 marathons!   It was just amazing and emotional to see these runners sweat it out, give each other high-fives and cheer each other on.  Watching those accomplishments has set me back into a running mode.  A persistent knee injury keeps me from increasing my distance, but I love running outside, especially in the rain and through the woods.  My mantra right now:  slow and steady wins the race.  Maybe next year I will be crossing the half-marathon finish line!  You have to start somewhere.

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