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Grounding, California

One of the first things I did when I moved to California was to buy herbs:  rosemary, mint and basil.  I needed something to root me here and give me an immediate sense of permanency.  So here I am, in the heart of Napa Valley, the pulse of Wine Country on the main artery of highway is a few hundred feet from my front door.  I live in the middle of a vineyard.

After my weeks of traveling through Italy, spending time in the frigid tundra of Montana, I am finally settling in to my new home.   The sun and heat, even in April almost verges on overwhelming.  It’s only the beginning of May and the temperatures are reaching into the 80s.  It won’t rain now until the autumn season, and the sun bakes off the fog on cool mornings into brilliant afternoons with a cooling breeze, if we are lucky.

There’s a lot to do when you move.  Those little things like power strips, filtered water, job searches, mechanics, establishing a routine, getting Wifi, revisiting my blog . . . . I have a long list of things to do.

I’m trying to keep my life simple.  After lugging around my suitcase through Italy, packing and moving my apartment in Montana and having a smaller living space now in California the last thing I want to do is accumulate “stuff.”  I’m being mindful spatially and financially of those bad retail habits that I’ve been known to have.

And now as I settle into West Coast living, I am back to the writing.  And this time like a reporter from the deep trenches of combat, I will be writing about wine and life from the vineyards and backyards of California’s wine country.  But first, I need a job.  That is my assignment today.  And wine this afternoon.  Cheers to that!  Look for updates soon! GoodTasteBook is back.


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