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Fall Makeover: the make-up brushes

I’ve been “spring cleaning” this season, which I find to be more therapeutic and rewarding than when real spring hits.  I love nesting for winter.  It’s nice to cleanse the emotional, physical and material world to make room for productive hibernation.

Today I cleaned all my make-up brushes.  Twice.  The first batch of water was so gross that I let the brushes sit for just a minute before I had to rinse them and start over.  The water turned gray.   The (super easy) recipe:  one tablespoon dish washing liquid, one tablespoon white vinegar, one cup warm water.  Swirl brushes to dislodge dirt.  Rinse with warm, then cold water.  (I soaked mine for about an hour.)

I’ve been trying to alleviate some redness and texture in my cheeks.  Some potential causes for the irritation?  Maybe my pillow.  Or temperature sensitivity.  Or sun (over) exposure causing hyper-pigmentation. Or maybe just my disgusting make-up brushes loaded with silicone particles and bacteria spreading germs around my already sensitive skin.

If you keep up and do this once a week, you shouldn’t have to soak the brushes for too long.  Brushes are expensive to replace so this is a good reminder to start a new weekly habit.  I like buying painting brushes from art supply stores.

My “Mask Monday” will now also include “Makeup Brush Makeover Monday.”

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