Emu Oil is the New Miracle Oil? I think so.

I’ve been using Emu Oil for a little while now and have fallen in love with its amazing benefits.  I love oils, and have written about their protective and restorative properties.  (I like coconut oil, too.  Half the bottle stays in the bathroom, the other half gets used in the kitchen.) But Emu Oil is where I am finding the most and best healing effects.

So many uses!  I mix it with my nightly wrinkle cream before bed on my face, use it on the second-degree burn/blister from the espresso machine, dab on insect bites, and smooth it over the rough pink bumps on my upper arms.   After a bikini wax, nothing soothes or helps prevent ingrown hairs quite like Emu Oil. For parents with babies, this would a great skin soother for the delicate skin of the diaper-wearing, rash-getting set.

Everyone I mention Emu Oil to has a testimonial:  It cured my brother’s acne and healed his scars.  My third-degree burn from a pot of hot tea is undetectable.  The “11” wrinkle between my eyes has almost disappeared.  I am big into “healing” the skin and treating it with care that involves maintaining the lipid layer and keeping skin moist and supple.  Think wound care or first aid.  Our tendency with blemishes is often to dry out the area–that works to spot treat the  concern, and that’s okay.  But then that skin needs to heal.  Keep the area clean–use Hydrogen Peroxide on the spot to help dislodge any excess grime from the pore–that bubbling action works here to get the damaged skin clean.   And keep it moist.  Use Emu Oil on the burn, cut, bite, zit, scar or road rash and see how quickly the skin begins to recover.  Plus, Emu Oil is anti-inflammatory!  Even better for wound healing.  I use Emu Oil harvested and packaged at Montana Emu Ranch in Kalispell.  And I don’t know all the benefits of the oil, so this is a great site and resource.  My 1 oz. bottle costs about $12.  And it doesn’t smell, or clog pores.

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