Domaine de Nizas 2012 Rosé

It’s Friday afternoon on one of the last days I will spend in Montana, in Bozeman, Montana, before I drive away to the heart of wine country: St. Helena, California. And I get to spend the rest of my day with one of my best wine buddies, Mr. Courtney Bowman. I married Courtney and his wife Heidi last August, so we are friends for life. We have plans in Napa in May to see some rock bands and hang out again. Courtney works for Bronken’s Distributing out of Gallatin County, so his line-up is always enviable. We always compare tasting notes, talk food, and drink some major wine. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon. Wine is always flowing. Usually I curse him the next day for my lingering wine headache and overindulgence. (It is almost time for a little detox.)

It’s spring and I love drinking pink on warm, sunny days. A cold front is inevitable in the weather pattern, and will be heading south as it comes in. So for now, it’s sunny enough to drink pink. Rosé is such a great choice for transitional seasons. Great for versatile, challenging food pairings, rosé is no longer just pink sweet sugar water wine, but can hold up to heavier dishes like salmon and roasted pork and grilled chicken. It’s refreshing and crisp with great acidity that cleanses the palate. Great, too, with ceviche, salted avocado, spicy Thai food and sushi.

This Domaine de Nizas 2012 Languedoc blend (40% Syrah, 40% Grenache, 20% Mouvedre) has strawberry and raspberry fruit with clean stony acidity, and a hint of smoky violets. It’s lovely. Sheer candy pink color with some extracted intensity makes it more pink than blush. I want this wine with those longer, warmer days of summer. Now.

“Pink” versus “blush”

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