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Sort of Music Monday/Father John Misty and Youth Lagoon

I took today off from radio land to focus on some personal projects and make some time for the short, short season of summer.  I will be back on the air in two weeks.  In the meantime, you can still tune in to 24/7 for all your music needs.

This Wednesday you can find me at the Top Hat in Missoula, Montana, dancing and drinking to the likes of Father John Misty and Youth Lagoon.  I play them on my show, and cannot wait to see them live!



Good Morning Monday Music

My weekend starts now.  Just when everyone else finishes theirs.  Perfect for me, less traffic, fewer crowds, no reservations needed.  About to hit the road, but first, today’s playlist!  Hear my show every Monday at from 9-11am MST.  My playlists are archived at!

The Video Version:


Today’s playlist! Yeah Buddy!

Some mornings I would like to lock the studio door, ignore “Democracy Now” and keep playing the music that makes Monday mornings so damned good.  A healthy dose of Americana in the mix to prepare for the 4th of July.  It’s already the 4th of July?  Where does time go? Happy Monday America!  Tune in at  See my playlists at!

tune in tokyo

Monday Morning Music! Last week’s playlist . . .

Mondays after my show I often head out of town for a few days.  Until I devise a way to type, blog, internet from the car while I am driving through Montana, I think it best to be seated and safe on a chair to write my posts.  Last week this was the case, plus it’s summer, so sitting down inside to sit still long enough while the sun is shining is a challenge for me these beautiful days.  Sorry this is a week late.  But listen and enjoy just the same.  My radio show PopRocks airs on on Monday mornings 9-11am MST.  See my entire playlist for June 25, 2012 at

What ever happened to Band of Annuals?  I am on the search for their new work . . .

tune in tokyo

Tune in Tokyo’s Mellow Monday Music Playlist

Today was another day of low-hanging gray clouds, the threat of rain, a cup of tea.  First hour I kept it pretty darn mellow.  I had those people in mind who were snuggling under flannel covers, sleeping in.  Wishing I was one of them . . .    Tune in next week at 9-11am MST for another edition of PopRocks on  I take requests at 406.243.6226.  See all my playlists at

tune in tokyo

It’s Music Monday!

I didn’t do my regular radio show today because I am jetting off to California Wine Country this afternoon.  Look for new posts about that region’s wine this week, direct from the vineyard!  In the meantime some of my favorite summer songs:


Monday=Memorial Day=Music

Another rainy day in the Missoula valley and the entire University of Montana campus was all mine this Memorial Day morning.  Quiet hush in the low clouds.  Two hours is not enough time to get all the music played that I want to play!  I will be out of town next week, but tune in to anyway.  My entire playlist is up at  Request line, if you so desire, is 406 243 6226!  Here are some (almost) summertime tunes:




Top Ten for the First Half of 2012

In no particular order, here are my ten favorite songs by some of my favorite bands for this year already.   Most of these were released in late 2011 or in 2012.  Mostly new music, but I love to re-discover the best of before, like Lynda Kay, Will Scott, The Bellamy Brothers, Rodriguez.  In listening to the new it’s a nice chance to revisit earlier releases and side projects by Beach House, Florence + the Machine, Deer Tick, Handsome Furs, etc.  By no means is this list finished.

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