Last Show at KBGA. But the music plays on . . .

I’m moving, preparing to travel and just generally damn busy these days with my life that I have to part ways with the way I spend my Monday mornings.  Believe me, it is bittersweet.  I love the radio!  I love playing my favorite songs, dancing by myself, singing like no one is listening.  Stay tuned anyway to for great programming on the radio 24/7.  My playlists are archived for internet forever at  This is the video version of this morning:

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Monday Monday Music (on Tuesday)

Sadly, next week is my final show at   I am traveling and moving from Missoula, Montana, heading out to a big city . . . . and new adventures!   I love spending my Monday mornings on the air, finding new music, discovering old music and playing it all for you.  Thank you for listening to PopRocks.  Check out my playlists at  Take a peek at this week:

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Music Monday on MLK Day!

While the winter sun blinded me in the studio this morning with its intensity and a squirrel climbed the building to look in through the window, I played new music from our playlist.  Things are heating up in 2013 with great albums and hot tracks. Playlists at  Listen on Monday mornings to PopRocks with me, Tune in Tokyo, at   It’s fun!  At least I have fun.  Take a listen, take a peek:



Music Monday, Mid-January

  Snow day means lots of fuzzy tracks to keep you warm.  And lots of new music kept my ears tingling all morning.  My show is PopRocks on Monday mornings from 9-11am MST.  It streams at in Missoula, Montana, and can be heard locally at 89.9fm.  My playlists are archived at  Thanks for listening.  Now you can watch:

tune in tokyo

Best Music of 2012, Part One

Yesterday’s radio show was dedicated to the best music and albums of 2012, but to do all the music of one year is too much for two hours.  Tune in next week for the second half. This wasn’t just new music to be released in 2012, but also those songs that were “re-discovered” in 2012–The Rolling Stones, The Band, the Silver Jews, Paul Simon and Sebadoh.  My show, PopRocks, airs on from 9-11am MST.  Request line is 406 243 6226.  My playlists are archived at   I am your host, Tune in Tokyo.  Merry Christmas! Continue reading


Music for Monday in Mid-December

I never sleep well the night before my radio show.  I just want to sleep in, especially this morning with the streets full of fresh snow and the flannel clouds shadowing the sun.  But then I get to wake up and rock out.  You can listen to me on the radio at on Monday mornings 9-11am MST.  My playlists can be found at  My show is PopRocks.  I call myself Tune in Tokyo.  This is the music of the day: Continue reading


Music Monday! Back Again

After weeks of studying and successfully passing my Certified Sommelier exam in California last week, I am back to the blog!  Back on the radio, and back to some sort of creative life.  Happy. You can find anyone on the internet.  And lucky for me to re-discover Jay William Henderson, formerly of Band of Annuals and their album Let Me Live.    Still one of my favorite albums of all time. It’s a good one, especially for long walks and contemplation.  He’s making new music and his latest, The Sun Will Burn Our Eyes, is hot enough it smolders.   He figures a lot in the day’s line-up.  Also loving Escort, Poor Moon and the new Clinic release, Free Reign.  Take a peek, take a listen:



After working all weekend, I would love to sleep in for hours, but I get up early (early being 8am.  I know, poor me.) to get on the air.  (See my archives at  (Listen at . . . my show is called PopRocks.  I’m the host, Tune in Tokyo)  Here’s what I played:


Back at You! Music Monday!

Sometimes I need a break to recharge the batteries.  My role on the radio is a volunteer position, so sometimes I need to be inspired and take a week or two away to really appreciate the studio time I get to play music for the masses.  So I’m back and happy to wake up after a restless night of alcohol converting to sugar and sugar, keeping me awake into the hours of the morning, to play music on! Playlists at  Here’s the video version: