bright eyes

Bright Eyed

A good trick I’ve learned over time is to apply a little eye de-puffer gel before you go to bed.  Mix it with your nightly eye treatment cream right on the skin and wake up looking fresh, even if you don’t feel so hot.   This is great for those late nights after work, during allergy season, after a party and while traveling.  Apply another dose of de-puffer in the morning and you are set.

I have used two de-puffers:  Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer, which is actually part of their men’s line, but I like it.  The results are not that astounding, but it helps to cool and relieve the area of slight puffiness.  Facial Fuel Eye De-PufferThe other is Sephora brand Instant depuffing roll-on gel.  Continue reading

eye popping

Eye Popping Color

I learned from Deirdre Quinn at Indulgence in Bozeman, Montana, how to really make my green eyes pop.  I have mostly green hazel eyes with hints of blue on the outer edge and light brown.  She used Laura Mercier’s Tightline Cake Eyeliner in Plum Riche

on my upper lash line to really bring out the green.  I’ve been having fun ever since with different colors to accent the different colors of my eyes.  Quinn advises:  purple for green eyes.  For blue eyes use copper tones.  Teal will make green hues appear more aqua.  Brown liners will bring out more browns in hazel eyes, and gold will accent lighter shades of brown. Continue reading


Necessary Indulgence

I had the most amazing afternoon at Indulgence on Main Street in Bozeman, Montana last week.  Deirdre Quinn is the proprietor, beauty and brains behind this boutique, and one of my local heroes–owning a small business in this economy is no small feat!    I don’t mind going out of my way to stock up when I am in the Gallatin Valley.

Besides carrying the entire Laura Mercier line, the only one in Montana, Indulgence has lots of products from Peter Thomas Roth, who is one skin doctor that I could totally commit to.  I love this stuff.

Un-Wrinkle EyeUn-Wrinkle Eye is already becoming a cult favorite, and Quinn has a hard time keeping the stuff on the shelf.  Add this to my wishlist.   Carrot Eye Oil is made down the street at Hill Botanical–it’s not just good for the eyes but I dab it on my whole face. Continue reading


Sunscreen Expires!

When you buy a new bottle of high level, broad spectrum SPF sunscreen, make sure you date the bottle.  Active ingredients are only viable for about a year after purchase.  I’ve been using the coconut-scented 30SPF “Sheer Touch” by Hawaiian Tropic  as my body lotion after a shower, and reapply about every hour when I’m outside a lot.  Set a timer on a phone or watch if you are planning to be exposed for long periods of time, like on a hike, at a lake, on a river, walking though a new city.  It takes about 10-15 minutes to absorb and activate on the skin, and will last for about 80 minutes.  I carry it around in my purse.  I admit, 30SPF isn’t that great for sun exposure and the prevention of sun damage. I stick to the shade, limit my exposure and reapply often.   SPF 45 or higher would be better all around, since I am fairly fair, and don’t want to get burned.  Spray sunscreens, too, are great for reapplying and those hard to reach areas.

You will notice that sunscreens come in opaque bottles.  Sun light will actually activate the SPF in clear bottles, and not on your skin.  I’d recommend keeping all bottles out of direct light.  Continue reading


More Lavender!

Today I refreshed my pillows, dresser drawers and my suitcase with this year’s lavender harvest from the best lavender farmer, telemark skier and good-time gal I know, Lavender Lori.  You can order lavender from her, plus read her blog at   I like what she is up to.

I have to buy a few more bags to fill with fresh lavender.  One for my sleeping bag, one for the coat closet, and one for my main wardrobe closet.

Another great use for lavender I discovered today:  sprinkle lavender on carpet, rugs or hardwood floors Continue reading

wax off

Wax On Wax Off

It’s summer time!  Swimsuit weather. I go to my lovely esthetician Vanessa every few weeks for a modest bikini wax and the occasional armpit strip–this hurts the worst, and I usually have to shave to keep up, so it’s usually just every few visits that I get this done.  Before, between and after visits, skin maintenance becomes continual to ensure ingrown hairs are kept at bay.  Listen up dudes, this includes you and the constant shaving that you endure, the itchy necks, and the ingrown hairs that look suspiciously like white-heads.

What I find that works:

Cleanse often, but not everyday with a salicylic acid cleanser.  Continue reading


The Iconic Chambray Cowboy Shirt. Summer 2012 Wishlist

I want a super soft, vintage-inspired chambray shirt to wear by itself or as a “jean jacket” during the summer season.  They remind me of the pearl-snap work shirts my dad used to wear on the ranch, washed so often they were almost tissue thin, yet durable still.

I don’t like my outfits to be too much like costumes, so I’d pair this shirt with something not cowboy/country.  I’m thinking stripes and nautical inspirations might be the cutest combo.  And since this shirt is slightly masculine, I’d like to complement it with something fun, flirty and feminine–skinny colored jeans, linen skirts and shorts.  And heels, definitely with heels or a pair of laid-back Soludos.   It’s just a great neutral, add a pop of color, and get ready to ride into the sunset with your favorite Marlboro man.  I’ll be scouring Montana’s Western Wear racks, vintage stores and Goodwill for these shirts.  I also always look in the men’s department and the kids–you just never know what you will find!

wash face

Facial Cleansers:
When Less is More

Maybe you could call me a collector of beauty products.  Sometimes I like to think I am content with what products I am using, my skin is clear and bright, but then Sephora will send me a sample of a new product that seems to work wonders, or I get bored and buy something new to try.   Glancing at my “cleanser collection” you may think I am overdoing it.  You might think I subscribe to the More, More, More Philosophy.  Let me explain the method to my madness.  I like to use at least two cleansers at a time, usually something mild and easy like Cetaphil, but I like something a little more deep cleaning for those days/weeks that my face needs some extra help with blemishes.  Continue reading