Last Show at KBGA. But the music plays on . . .

I’m moving, preparing to travel and just generally damn busy these days with my life that I have to part ways with the way I spend my Monday mornings.  Believe me, it is bittersweet.  I love the radio!  I love playing my favorite songs, dancing by myself, singing like no one is listening.  Stay tuned anyway to for great programming on the radio 24/7.  My playlists are archived for internet forever at  This is the video version of this morning:

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2011 Palama
Arcangelo Primitivo IGP

It’s the year of Italian wines for me, and this Primitivo will be my go-to easy entertaining bottle of red at the table.  Primitivo has its DNA traced back, not to Italy, but to Croatia, and is the same varietal that we see in the New World as Zinfandel, especially in California.  I love making those connections between Old and New World wines.  Primitivo, in Italy, is grown in the boot heel region of Italy on the Salento peninsula.  Continue reading