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Bright Eyed

A good trick I’ve learned over time is to apply a little eye de-puffer gel before you go to bed.  Mix it with your nightly eye treatment cream right on the skin and wake up looking fresh, even if you don’t feel so hot.   This is great for those late nights after work, during allergy season, after a party and while traveling.  Apply another dose of de-puffer in the morning and you are set.

I have used two de-puffers:  Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer, which is actually part of their men’s line, but I like it.  The results are not that astounding, but it helps to cool and relieve the area of slight puffiness.  Facial Fuel Eye De-PufferThe other is Sephora brand Instant depuffing roll-on gel. 

It works pretty well, too.   Store the products in the frig and get an extra cool dose of relief.   I haven’t invested that much time researching other brands’ options, but with good hydration, healthy diet choices and lots of rest, eye puffiness should be minimal anyway.  Pair this regimen with Rohto Artic Eye Drops and you will be looking fresh & foxy every morning, long through the night.


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