kate moss

Autumn is my Spring

It’s already September 1st, and I am so thrilled about this time of year.  I love the smell of new pencils, the soft crush of wool on cool nights, the scarf around my neck on the bike ride home from work. I love the texture of autumn:  the cozy knits, the soft leathers, the decadent furs, layers of plaid, the romance of wool and cashmere, the thrill of boots and black eyeliner.  I love the shift from lip gloss to lip stick:  pinks to reds.   The reading schedule gets heavy with the classics, fine romances and new books of poems.  Long walks with cups of tea.  I look forward to hunkering down like a domestic mystic with books I’ve neglected all summer, the poems I haven’t revised, the letters I haven’t sent.  The scents of amber and musk mingle with spicy pine and vanilla in a bottle of lotion leftover from the summer.  I think this time of year inspires the perpetual student in me.  I always go back-to-school shopping to get a few things in the spirit of the season.  This year:  a new pack of pencils, a refillable fountain pen (every letter is a love letter), two new Moleskins for wine notes, toner cartridges (I will be sending out poems this season!) and for required reading:  the September editions of Vogue and W magazines.  My palette changes–this is the perfect time of year to enjoy rosé wines. I want firelight and red wines that warm me from the inside out.   In this twilight of the year, the body craves more substantial fare.  Our appetite shifts and wants the hearty, robust foods of the Fall.  This season, more than New Years, is the best time for me to set intentions, goals and re-focus.  I encourage you to think of yourself as a perpetual student–what will you learn about yourself or the world?


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