2011 Laxas Albarino

It’s finally beginning to act like summertime where I live.  Warm days cool off to evenings that require a jacket, but now I am thoroughly enjoying the cold and crisp white wines of summer.  I like red wine when the sun goes down, too, but for those hot days choose something refreshing and cold to restore your senses.   From the grassy hills of northwestern Spain, where rainfall is heavy–50 or more inches per year–grows this white varietal.  This region of Rias Baixes in Galicia is famous for its seafood catch, so think of this wine as the perfect match for mussels, calamari, crab, sardines, sushi, that is, any fresh seafood that is available to you.  The terroir definitely shows itself in this crisp wine–lots of straw and grass that gets matched by subtle white pepper and ginger infused with apricot and stone fruit.  This is another standout wine for summertime!

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