chenin blanc

2011 Hestia
Chenin Blanc

It’s 90 degrees outside, it’s supposed to be.  It is summer, after all.  I’m not complaining, but I have been doing errands all day in a car with no AC and dealing with crowds at Costco and big box stores.

Now I am home, and it’s Happy Hour!  Couldn’t be happier with this glass in hand:  2011 Hestia Chenin Blanc.  Early on in this blog’s history I attended a wine maker dinner with Mr. Shannon Jones at the Rainbow Ranch in Big Sky, Montana.  This selection was not available, but you can read more about their amazing red wines, including a one-acre plot of Washington state Malbec.  They are making good wine.  Really good wine.

I consider summer to be like an open window to do those things we only get to do for about 4 months of the year: float the river, ride a bike all day long, get a tan, watch forest fires start after lightening storms, eat gelato and watch movies like Splash with a seven year old.  I love summer, but it is a fleeting time.  A time to savor, then, the cold, refreshing abundance of delicious white wines.  Would you drink warm, flat Coke on a day like this?  I hope not.  Enjoy the white wine while you can, and cheers to the summer.

Sourced from the Columbia Valley, this is a well-balanced mineral and steel-based wine set off by subtle, subtle pineapple and nectarine fruit.  There’s a hint of maple, baking spices and creme brulee that really comes through as the wine warms just slightly.  Last night I had this with dinner.  Tis the season for Caprese skewers, roasted garden vegetables and a grilled steak.  Not the best choice for a steak, I admit, but Vanessa made teriyaki stir-fry vegetables for her daughter Arianna, the seven year old.  We ended up eating the teriyaki for her, and what an amazing sensory experience. The salt and sugar of the sauce dancing with the abundant acidity of the wine, creating sparks on the tongue, as they complemented each other.  I want to drink this bottle again with sushi, Thai food, spicy fish tacos, oysters, before dinner, in the sun, in the shade, with creme brulee and peach pie.  Cheers!

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