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2011 Elk Cove Rosé

Get ready for most posts these days to be totally pink and rosé inspired!  This was a wine from the wedding I officiated in early August.  Mr. Courtney Bowman’s sister works in the tasting room at Elk Cove, so seeing bottles of their wine were no surprise for me.  Compare this mild mannered Pinot Noir rosé to the St. Supéry rosé I reviewed just a few days ago, and you will see what a difference the grapes make–compare Pinot Noir to a big Bordeaux-style blend. Of course factors like soil, temperature, aging and contact time with grape skins make significant contributions to taste profiles, but I think it’s fun and interesting to see how different grapes and blends behave in a subtle and lovely bottle of rosé.  Even compare these two to the Robert Craig La Fleur and observe how amazing White Zinfandel can taste when it’s done just right, and bone-dry.

Elk Cove has turned their Pinot Noir into this delicate, light pink rosé with a stone-fruit and strawberry fruit profile. Pluot, that hybrid of plum and apricot, really seems apparent in a glass that echoes with layers of gossamer strawberry and melon.  Still crisp and refreshing, this wine sparkles with that amazing Oregon minerality and its abundant volcanic soils.  A touch of sulfur comes through across a river bed of granite on a breeze of coastal influence.  Stop and smell the roses.  Try this with salmon ceviche, strawberry and bacon salad, roasted chicken, berry pies, and steamed mussels.

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