2007 Skinner Syrah
El Dorado Vineyard

The Skinner Family grows their wines at the highest elevation in California that still allows for the full expression of their varietals.  This stylish Rhône-style blend of mostly Syrah with a dash of Viognier is big, at 15.5% alcohol–it can be a difficult wine to bear without food.  Decant this wine for some time and use the biggest glasses you can.  Because of its size, it needs all the room to spread out and soften up, plus it allows for some of the alcohol to come off of the nose.  Along with that advice, this wine deserves big food:  red meat, rich pastas, aromatic cheeses, chocolate.   Its inky black and blue fruit components are complemented by black licorice and a certain iron minerality, reminescent of animal and leather.  It has the memory of a gently hand-rolled cigar infused with vanilla and clove.  Delicious and elegant.

See the Skinner website!

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